PR & Marketing

I can provide tightly crafted, highly tailored PR campaigns for your lovely new videogame – although I don’t accept every project that’s thrown my way. I believe good PR and marketing – whether it’s a sprinkling of sales copy or a fully-fledged assault on the media – requires an in-depth knowledge of the product in question, so I look to work on projects I can get excited about. Awesome-looking upcoming games, basically.

Recently I worked with esteemed indie developers thechineseroom to promote Dear Esther, an experimental exploration game built in Valve’s Source Engine. It received glowing reviews from the likes of Edge and IGN, and sold a massive 50,000 units in its first week on sale – a spectacular achievement for such a niche release.

I have a wide range of contacts in the games industry and within journalism, and I’m eager to work on some more delightful projects. I offer a variety of services, from one-off press releases or marketing spiels to months-long campaigns, and my rates are flexible depending on your needs and the scale of your work. Get in touch to discuss your options.