The Game

Wakfu on PC is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game inspired by the world of manga.

Create your character, choose a class among the sixteen proposed and embark on an epic adventure and fantastic.

In a 3D isometric world, roam the islands of Wakfu, learn to fight, master the art of magic and discover a community that extends to the world.

  • The Dathura Server is free access since November 13th. Characteristics
    Play as 16 classes: From the Steamer, the robot saboteur, to the Enutrof treasure hunter, from the obsessive Rogue to explosives to Xelor time master, find your ideal character from 16 original classes.
  • Turn-based Tactical Fights: Plan your strategy and coordinate your efforts with your teammates to defeat the most devious creatures in the World of Twelve.
  • Rebuilding the World: Following the cataclysm of Ogrest’s Chaos, the world is in ruins. Everything has to be rebuilt: whether you are a fighter, a trader or a craftsman.
  • Master the ecosystem: The fauna and flora form a true living ecosystem! Kill too many Gobballs without giving them time to reproduce, and they will disappear forever. Roast too much wheat without ever replanting it, and it will be your last harvest.
  • Dungeon quests and conquests: More than 70 dungeons for all levels of players await you, from the Beginner zone to the end of the Nations, but also from the different islands.


Several centuries after the era of the Dofus, the World of Twelve has undergone profound changes. Legend says that out of love for Dathura, a sadida doll with unparalleled beauty, an ogre named Ogrest did the impossible: gather the six primordial Dofus, the dragon eggs laid at the dawn of time and possess an unparalleled power.

In possession of these powerful artifacts that gave him greater power than the Gods, the Ogre offered them to Dathura, who wanted to use them to become human.

No one knew what really happened, but Dathura died while falling into the abyss. Mad with pain, Ogrest exiled himself to the summit of Mount Zinit, the highest mountain of the World of Twelve to let his sorrow burst.

The Twelve major gods would have tried to defeat the Ogre so that it does not use the power of the Dofus, but of this confrontation, the Ogre emerged victorious.

The despair of the creature then gave rise to the Great Cataclysm, also known as “Chaos of Ogrest”: the elements were unleashed, and the magical tears of the Ogre swallowed up most of the land

Using the little power left to them, the Gods protected some important places and people, but even so, it is in a world of Twelve in ruins that a new generation of adventurers must trace its history.

No one knows how to distinguish the legend from reality, but one thing is certain: the balance of the world has been seriously disturbed. It is now up to everyone to choose their path: to follow that of the Stasis and to sow death by destroying everything in its path, walking on the Wakfu path and spreading life without worrying about the consequences or working to maintain balance between these two forces.

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